Friday, July 9, 2010

The Plant in Poo Corner

This scraggly little plant was featured in a previous post. At about the time life was dumping a load of crap on us (hubby's job loss, my last failed IUI cycle, and more) I planted it in my garden along with a load of manure:

Here it is atrophied and yellowed a month later. This is when we hit the roadblock at The Other Clinic that threatened to destroy our last hope for trying to complete our family:
Here it is now, when we're about to attempt IVF, finally showing some robust growth:

It's been a little hope meter of sorts. I pray that both the plant and I will soon be fruitful and multiply!


Jana said...

wonderful news!
hope your hubby gets a great job offer
Yeah, that IVF check is huge--don't lose that one. Be sure to cash it before it bounces!
That sounds like a good deal with the IVF stuff.

thanks for your post on my blog.

Lori said...

Hope the jobs come through and he has his pick of the best!!! Also...we wouldn't have done IVF without Shared Risk either....just couldn't take yet another risk...praying this cycle is successful for you.

An aside--and because I know you have cord issues...they run in my family and I was TERRIFIED of a cord incident with Matthew---I CONSTANTLY had my peri check (with color doppler) for cord problems. All was always well and nothing detected.

I'd never heard of vasa previa. When he died, I didn't want to hear those words--they were poison. When I finally was brave enough to figure out what the heck it was, I discovered, to my HORROR, that it is a cord incident. My presentation was even more rare than the vp itself (of course) but worst fear of a cord incident taking my baby really happened.

I tell you this because it IS rare, but it is more prevalent in IVF pregnancies. Many REs will say that's not true (because it really is rare and they won't want to scare you) but it is. Numbers don't lie. the International Vasa Previa Foundation has info to back that up. Even though I had every test that would normally diagnose vp done and it still wasn't found, mine was unusual...if it is there, it can usually be detected prenatally--IF LOOKED FOR.

I know you will have this next pregnancy heavily monitored for cord issues, but wanted to make sure you knew that vp is slightly more prevalent in IVF pregnancies.