Saturday, July 31, 2010


It is amazing to me how many hard choices we've had to make in recent years and how much strategy is involved. Hopefully we'll decide on a winning strategy for how to play this cycle. We've found out that we have options that we didn't think were open to us, so that's a load off! Here's the scoop:

Another appointment this morning showed follicles at 17, 15, 13, 12, 12, and 11. Lining at 10. I'd probably be more optimistic about this whole thing if my doctor and nurses were. On stim day six the nurses were already mentioning cancelling and on day eight the doctor herself called and said how surprised she was with the low response. With some IUIs I'd responded almost too well on super low doses and made her nervous. With this IVF protocol, though, the stim dosages were seriously misunderestimated (two Bushisms in one post!). I began at 75 Menopur and 100 Follistim and it's been bumped up incrementally until the Menopur dose was doubled and the Follistim tripled.

Tomorrow is another ultrasound, after which I'll decide with my doctor whether to go through with the IVF or convert to IUI. Yes, with IVF it can "only take one", but it's a numbers game and higher numbers give you better odds. I've fallen hard on the wrong side of the statistics too many times to think I'm going to be the lucky one who beats the odds here.

My clinic's financial guru called the cost sharing program about the situation. Since this is my first attempt and the meds were seriously off according to the doctor, they are willing to let me convert this to an IUI and NOT count it as one of my three IVF tries. I'd feel better if I had that in writing right now, but they say all I have to do is sign an addendum stating we will pay the clinic directly for any outstanding costs for this cycle. We've only invested about $400 of our own money into this cycle and that was for drugs. Of course there's also the investment of time and all those shots, but I was surprised at what a cakewalk that was. I've developed a shockingly cavalier attitude about injecting myself! The rest of the cost this cycle was covered entirely by insurance. Speaking of insurance, just about the time we finish using the $20,000 in IF coverage on our current Cadillac COBRA policy, we get a new pot of money on the policy with hubby's new job. Sweet. Insurance companies have been hating me since 2001.

I have two additional reasons to cheer up today. Number One is that The Other Clinic finally refunded the money they owed us (almost $1000!). In addition, I successfully argued that they should drop all charges not paid by insurance since it was their decision not to treat me. Number Two is that comedian Brian Regan is coming to the Twin Cities in October and we have tickets!! 


Baby On Mind said...

Glad that if you do convert this to IUI, then no need to count this against your 3 tries of the cost sharing program. Yay for great insurance coverage, and yay for getting your refund back!

Jana said...

That's good you can convert this cycle to IUI if needed. Why aren't the doctors or nurses optimistic?

Lori said...

I'm so excited for the fact that if you do have to convert, it's not one of your three!!! That's really a great thing that your clinic is copping to--most REs will say, "Well, there's no way to know, and that's why it's a science and you have another two tries!"

I also am digging the insurance companies hating you! :)

I hope, hope, hope that this cycle makes all of the strategery moot (the second I saw that word, I thought of the old SNL skits!!) and 2 weeks from now, whether an IUI or an IVF, a positive is the end result!