Friday, July 30, 2010

The Lone Ovary Rides Again

The Lone Ovary is moving along at a trot, but at least it hasn't completely fallen off the horse. It's stim day 8 and this morning's appointment showed five measureable follicles: 17, 13, 12, 11, and 11. Lining grew from 3 on Wednesday to 7 now. So we're moving in the right direction but I am still bummed. I was hoping (still hoping I guess) to get at least 8-10 eggs. With only one ovary, I knew going into this that the number wasn't going to be the impressive 20+ that some women can get. I had reasonably low expections, but so far I'm not even meeting those. My hope is to get enough eggs to I can end up with two good embryos to transfer.

Wednesday's appointment left me so depressed that I decided to go running that evening. Running is my drug of choice - love that endorphin high. Unfortunately the endorphins were countered by the disheartening realization that all that bouncing around didn't make my ovary sore. Not one little bit. For months I've been dogged by ovary soreness because of stupid cysts, and now when I desperately want my ovary to be big and swollen and sore - nothing. Still not sore at all.

This morning it was nice to meet up with Baby on Mind after my appointment (we go to the same clinic and both had appointments this morning). She had her beta today, so make sure to stop by her blog.

Anyway, today is less depressing. Maybe I'll go out today instead of lying around the house weeping. Or maybe not. The doctor herself called me a moment ago about my poor response. You know that's not a good sign. Blah. She predicts I'd get 3-5 eggs if I go through with this.


Nick and Kristi said...

I think you are responding great for Day 8....and with one ovary I might add....only takes one good one to make a baby...My Dr. says quality vs quanity:)

Erica said...

You are responding much better than I measurable follies on day 8...continuing and checking again on Monday.

I hope you get some rogue follies that grow fast fast fast!

Jana said...

While you are not too thrilled with your progress--but at least you are making progress.

I remember my first IVF cycle I was so big and bloated, but my 2nd one I wasn't at all. My 2nd cycle I was also doing acupuncture and my egg quality was better. So, maybe it will be a good thing that you aren't so bloated and sore.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to act like everything is "sunshine and lollipops". I just hope you are able to hang in there. Don't give up yet.

I hope you and the lone ovary were able to get out of the house.

The New Simons said...

Don't fear. I have two perfectly functioning ovaries with no detectable fertility problems and I only got 7 eggs. Only 3 fertilized, two embryos transfered and only 1 took. But hey- it took! It can for you too! I'm praying for you guys!

The New Simons said...

Oh, and never underestimate the power of positive thinking!!!