Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What to Do With a Load of Crap

Thanks to those who left comments on my post regarding simultaneous unemployment and IVF. I was very interested to see that other couples have been in the same situation we find ourselves in now. We are having a very difficult time deciding what to do now that we have this huge new problem on top of the load of crap we were already dealing with.

A few days after hubby lost his job, I told him I was going to get us a load of shit 'cuz we just don't have enough of it already. So here I am loading it into the back of our van.

This is a big disgusting pile of free manure that our city provides for gardeners. Here's where I see an analogy to our current dilemma: I could either stand there in the foul mess and become overwhelmed by the stench or start shoveling and hope that I can use this to make something grow.

I planted these a week ago and even though snow was forecasted last weekend (in May?!), we didn't get any. The plants are looking pretty beat up right now, but they are alive! I wonder - what would happen if we tried IVF even now with so much against us? In the midst of all this crap and though some would forecast doom, might we end up with something alive and beautiful?

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Liz said...

i just read in a magazine in my drs office- like some fertility magazine- that somewhere in africa they do IVF for under 1000K dollars, and woman from all over europe and here are going over there to get the procedure done. i know i am not that helpful since i can't remember any details, but i bet you could google something about it.
what about starting a collection on your blog to help pay for it. a lot of people read your blog and if they all gave a little it would help a lot!