Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Freaking Out

So here's a quick update, since Q dominates the computer day and night with job hunting:

I'm freaking out because I have a sonohystogram (SHG) appointment tomorrow to check the status of the most recent cyst and determine the feasibility of aggressively pursuing IVF this cycle. Also there's the catheter fitting. Fun stuff. Lately I've been very hopeful since the cyst pain never got awful and had all but disappeared. Then a few days ago I started having a little pain again. I'm not stressed about the SHG itself (done it before - piece of cake), but I'm completely terrified of getting more bad news. I just can't take any more right now!

Immediately after the sono, Q and I have an appointment with the psychologist (this is also an IVF prerequisite). Hopefully the sono will be good news, otherwise what's the point of this? So IVF. With one ovary. On unemployment and COBRA insurance. After three consecutive losses, two of which were traumatic second-trimester losses. Yes, Miss Shrink, we are a couple of really sane people. Really.

As for Q, no interviews yet, but he's applied for many jobs in the area that would be a good fit for him. He's being very aggressive and networking with influential, high-up people in many of these companies. Something's bound to work out for us, right? Meanwhile, he has set up his office here at home and I am his administrative assistant. Aside from all the sexual harassment that goes on, it's a much more professional environment than his previous job.


CeCe said...

Hoping for all good news for you!

With Out My Punkin said...

Hoping for good news!