Monday, July 5, 2010

Dirty Deeds Are Not Dirt Cheap

We are doing IVF through a cost sharing program. The deal is that if don't end up with a take-home baby after 3 fresh cycles and up to 3 frozen cycles (if we have any embryos to freeze, which I doubt) then we get a 100% refund. If not for this program, we would simply not be doing this. Only by taking away the financial risk can we even consider taking on all the other considerable risks.

It also helps that we had the necessary funds saved, so we remain 100% debt-free. Even so, with hubby still unemployed (though we have reason to hope that's about to end!) it's very stressful to see our savings plummet. This is definitely far more painful than any of the physical aspects of IVF.


Mirne said...

Sounds like a great program. I'm glad you're getting this opportunity. Am hoping with you that your husband's unemployment is about to end.

Me said...

Yikes!! That is a HUGE chunck of change! I hope everything works out, and I hope your hubby gets the job.

Nick and Kristi said...

Just have to tell yourself in the end it will all be worth it...but handing over that big check would be hard:)