Friday, March 4, 2011

Concealed Carry

Another week, another ultrasound.  This time it was quick. We got lots of cord pics and even remembered to get one of the baby this time!  According to the ultrasound tech, the perinatologist, and Dr. Collins, the cord is looking okay thus far.  This does not make my anxiety level go down (I have to make it through March for that to happen!) but it does prevent it from going further up, which is really the best I can hope for right now.

So far I've been quite happy with the clinic I go to.  The nurses are really nice, the sonographer has actually gone to Dr. Collin's website to learn more about cord issues, and the doctors take my concerns seriously, so I haven't had to visit Doctor Dammit.

Now at 17 weeks it's getting harder to hide my bump.  And I hate hiding it after fighting so hard to get it, but it seems necessary for the kids' sake.  I'm just hoping and praying to make it to April and beyond.  I looked at a few websites for ideas on how to pull off a concealed carry.  Several suggest showing a little leg or some cleavage to draw attention away from the thick waistline.  Conceal being knocked up by drawing attention to the knockers?  I don't think so.  Sure they're real and they're spectacular, but that's not my style.  Here are a few of my strategies:

Coats, jackets, and bulky sweaters - good thing I live in a cold place and it's winter!

Button-up shirts, preferably with vertical patterns:

Props - For example, at church I use a songbook or bag to cover my belly from view:

For reference, here's what I'm hiding:

A few months back I put a "Labels" section in my sidebar, but hadn't looked at it in awhile.  Now "pregnancy" has moved from the bottom of the list up to the second row!  Keep growing "pregnancy" - come out on top of infertility and IVF!!  I regret that "amusing pictures" and "attempts at humor" haven't been appearing much lately.  All this stress has made me completely lose my sense of humor. A painful loss.  Hopefully it'll come back soon.  Until then, thanks for sticking with me through a very tough time!


China Doll said...

Bump looks fabulous and, from the other pics, you're doing a good job of hiding it.. though sure you can't way for the day when you can flaunt it :)

China Doll said...

That shoulg have said, 'wait for the day'... oops!

China Doll said...

Now seriously... is someone adding spelling mistakes to these comments?!

Cherbear said...

cute bump! you're doing a great job hiding it. LOL

Alex said...

This is great! It reminds me of watching TV shows where you know an actress is pregnant, and she's always behind some big purse or plant. Just carry around a big purse, or if that doesn't work, a plant! :) Seriously, it looks like you're hiding your bump really well!

Jana said...

love the strategies--especiallly the one for church. another strategy for church would be to arrive late, sit in the back, and leave early.

best of luck in hiding your bump.

glad we got to see it though. it looks great!

Meim said...

Not fair. You're less than a week ahead of me and you look SO CUTE!