Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mere Insanity

Twenty weeks today!  The ultrasound looked good and the doctor was quite enthusiastic about how the cord is looking.  With each passing week there is more hope that this will be a cord that giveth and not a cord that taketh away.

Still, there are scary moments, especially in the mornings.  According to Dr. Collins, when babies die it more often occurs at night, perhaps because of changes in maternal blood pressure.  Just one more thing to worry about.  I go to bed quite late and then wake up too early in a cold sweat, though sometimes I can get back to sleep after confirming that Mei-mei is still alive.  Will I actually end up sleeping better if I have a demanding nocturnal newborn?  I hope to find out!

March has been very hard and there's still another week to go.  Thus far I have managed to avoid going insane.  This is largely thanks to my Doppler, the weekly peeks at Mei-mei, and reassurance from my doctors that the cord is looking fine so far.

It also helps that I'm taking a break from dealing with my mother.  Back in February I told her that I won't speak to her again until April at the soonest because I just don't need the extra stress.  It's horrible to say, but letting go of that deeply shallow relationship has been a joy and I don't relish the thought of discussing the weather with her again come April.  Just hearing updates from my siblings about the goings-on and insanity back at the homestead is all I can handle.  This week's episode:

Mom's hoarding reaches a new low when she rescues 17 pounds of long-expired and partially liquified cheddar cheese from the dumpster after a brave family member threw it out.  Brother tries to perform an exorcism on the cat, not realizing that demons cannot be cast out of cats because cats are demons.

Some of THE cheese.  Yes, really.


Krista said...

Glad to hear everything looks good with the cord and with Mei Mei! Hang in there...she'll be here before you know it!

AFM said...

So glad you have gotten this far, my fingers and toes are crossed for the second half of your pregnancy.
Take care

My life said...

Yay for twenty weeks!!! ;) Still praying for you friend.

Meim said...

We could be sisters. I'm just sayin'.

So glad that Mei-mei is doing well, and hoping that you get a good night's sleep soon.

Alex said...

Congrats on reaching 20 weeks! This is great!

Nick and Kristi said...

Hey girl Im catching up on your blog and I couldnt be happier at how well things are going...I understand that there is still hurdles to cross but so far seems your jumping through every one without any problems:) So truly happy for you and think of you often!

Jana said...

So glad things are looking good at the 20 week mark. Family drama is never fun, sorry to hear about it. I would be wary of eating any cheese dishes your mom makes anytime in the near future.