Sunday, December 19, 2010

She's Afraid of a Light in the Dark

The clinic called me on Saturday to set up an ultrasound.  It's tomorrow!  I am nervous, naturally.  I've never been able to take a peek at one of my little ones so early on.  My first ultrasounds with Jeremiah and Miles were the ones where we found out they were dead, so I'll certainly be terrified of hearing "I'm so sorry . . ." every time I have an ultrasound with this one.  Tomorrow we need to see at least one little heart beating away.  If not, it's going to be a hell of a Christmas.  Again. 

Last week I was supposed to get a shipment of Lovenox and progesterone in oil, since I am running low.  My insurance forces me to get these by mail from a pharmacy in Florida.  Both drugs must be kept at room temperature, but this was not indicated anywhere on the package.  I was actually home awaiting the delivery, but the FedEx guy didn't knock or anything!  He just left this package with $1000 worth of drugs at my front door and I didn't realize it for half an hour.  It was especially warm that day here in Minnesota (12 degrees), but still a far cry from room temperature.  So that package had to be returned and now there's the extra drama of waiting for a replacement package to arrive before I run out of drugs.

And speaking of drugs, look what my Lovenox did to me last night.  Good thing tomorrow's ultrasound is the pole-in-the-hole variety rather than the jelly-on-the-belly type, because OUCH!

Photos of my battle wounds may come in handy later.  Someday, hopefully, my little one will be a surly teenager who will no doubt refuse to help out around the house.  Then I will break out my album of dramatic photos and say, "What?  You can't even clean up your room after all I've done for you?!"


Anonymous said...

Yikes! That looks painful! Good luck on the u/s tomorrow! Fingers crossed everything is okay!

Rachel said...

Will look forward to hearing how tomorrow goes. Will be thinking of you. This baby is lucky for all that you are doing for's obvious how much he/she is already loved.

Cherbear said...

OH OUCH!!! I hope it goes perfect today. praying....

Oak said...

Fingers crossed! And that bruise is a doozy!!! OUCH!

Keep us posted!

heartincharge said...

Eeeek! You have gone through so much for your baby. That's love on your tummy, honey!

Meim said...

It's kind of funny how similar things are going. My scan is tomorrow, and my stomach looks just like yours!

Just a question, though... does the Lovenox sting? I am on heparin twice a day, which means twice the bruises... and OMG, does it sting! I can switch to Lovenox, but I don't want to pay that much more if it's pretty much the same.

Good luck with your ultrasound today! I'll be checking in regularly!

Jeanne said...


I recognize that blog post title from Spark. I'd spot Tori Amos lyrics anywhere. ;)

I'm so sorry the FedEx delivery person didn't knock. They certainly should mark those boxes prominently so that doesn't happen!

Ow! That looks very painful. :( I look forward to reading your next post (which I haven't gotten to yet).