Saturday, September 4, 2010

Return to Poo Corner

First, some happy news. My mother will not be coming to visit during my next IVF cycle after all. Whew!

Now, remember the plant in poo corner? If not, see here and here. Currently it is happily producing a healthy full-term tomato despite being hopelessly diseased:

And here I sit, feeling hopelessly diseased and NOT currently producing an offspring of any sort. Yes, the plant in poo corner and I have parted ways. And I am jealous. Of a tomato plant.


Jeanne said...


Happy to hear things worked out with your mother-visit-that-isn't-happening. :) I was worried for you after reading your last post.

As far as the tomato plant, keep looking at it as a hope meter. Best of luck with your IVF!


P.S. I met Tori Amos backstage. See the music link in my blog's left sidebar to see a picture of me: very excited to meet her. When my blog gets too somber, I do Tori posts. (Well, not all of my Tori posts are upbeat but most of them are). My excuse for posting Tori is that she has endometriosis. Actually, though, I just post Tori because I feel like it.

Suzy said...

Hurray for not having to add Mother-Stress to the IVF-Stress. And for being able to keep her in the dark. Boy do I understand the need to NOT tell people every detail of family building. Pretty much everyone in my life is in the dark about our journey! It's much easier to avoid the judgement and criticisms that way :)

As for the envied tomato plant - I feel ya. Isn't it funny what IF/loss can do to a person, where I can totally understand why you are jealous of a tomato plant! Try to look at it from another perspective: If that tomato plant can grow a full term tomato on a diseased plant, surely so can I!
(Grow a baby, not a tomato)
(although giving birth to a tomato would be far more pleasant, size wise)
(unless the tomato was baby sized. Then it's not so good)
(please forgive my rambling I barely slept last night!)

Jana said...

so how did you pull it off not having your mom come for a visit?

Just keep repeating to yourself: "be the tomato plant".

Lindsay said...

Thank you for the wonderful suggestion of buying children's books for gifts! That is an ingenious idea that I will likely put to use. Thanks for checking out my little blog!

PS - I love how you refer to your tomato as 'full-term.' It made me smile.