Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"What to Say"

It's been interesting lately to look at the new stats section on blogger.  One post on this blog gets far more hits than any others.  It's What to Say When Someone Loses a Baby.  I posted this a long time ago, before anyone even knew this blog existed.  I hope it's been helpful to the people who've found it.  No one has ever left a comment, but it's good to see that so many people are looking for ways to help friends through a difficult loss.  Let's help them do it right!  If you have any words of wisdom to share with friends of baby-loss parents, please click over to the post and add your thoughts! 


Anonymous said...

I read your post about what to say when someone loses a baby. I've heard so many of those phrases myself, and they hurt. Your wisdom will help others to understand so less of us have to be hurt in senselss ways. Good on you :) xxx

Jana said...


Thanks for sharing that post. You are so wonderful and I am so sorry for the heartache you have experienced through the loss of your sweet Jeremiah and Miles. Your willingness to share helps me be more empathetic and understanding of the pain others are feeling in their losses.


Hope said...

I am so sorry for your losses. It hurts to lose a baby, no matter how small. I hope you get your happy ending with a new baby. I'm remembering Jeremiah and Miles with you. Thank you for sharing their stories.

(ICLW #123)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post on what to say... It helps me to re evaluate things since I had my m/c and I must say a lot of those things have been said to me too, but I've also been ignored... That was also very hurtful... I know they don't know what to say, but like you said just saying: "I'm sorry" is already good enough... Ignoring the fact that I was pregnant and lost my babies also hurts like hell...

I also heard: "well there always next time" which mad me incredibly mad because it took me 10 and a half years to get pregnant for the first time - how do they know there will be a next time?

Happy ICLW! Sorry for the vent!