Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Family

My daughter Tania, who just started half-day kindergarten, drew this picture of our family for her class:

On the right she drew Daddy, then Mommy (me) with Jeremiah and Miles next to me, herself, and her brother David.  I was amazed that she thought to draw her lost brothers in the picture.  She was one when we lost Jeremiah and two when we lost Miles.  They were both five months along, so of course she never saw them or knew what was happening at the time. 

Ge-ge and Mei-mei head off to school
(That's "big brother" and "little sister" because
they go to Chinese school)

Now that both David and Tania are in school, I have two hours a day without any kids. It's more "me time" than I've had in years. It's nice to have some uninterrupted time and I get a lot done, but the house is just too quiet! Sure wish I could get rid of these cysts and have another shot at a rainbow baby.  I'd love nothing more than to bring the "me time" back down to almost zero! 


Meim said...

I hear ya! Sometimes silence really can be deafening.

Lori said...

Bless her sweet little heart. I think the pictures she drew are precious and I love the picture of the two of them--that protective arm around her is so sweet!

Jeanne said...


I just left you a comment but Blogger swallowed it whole.

I'm sorry it's so quiet at home. That picture really is sweet.

So they are learning to speak Chinese? :)


Jana said...

What a wonderful moment that must've been to see her pictures and have her tell you about them.

I am hopeful you will soon have another little one to someday put a backpack on and send off to school under the watchful care of his/her wonderful siblings.

Mrs. Unexpected said...

Stopping by from ICLW. What a sweet daughter you have! I hope you get your rainbow baby soon!

Project Baby said...

I love the pictures. It is hard to believe that it is back to school time already.

Hope your having a great week.

ICLW #79

Anonymous said...

Aw what cute pictures - kids are such a blessing.

ICLW #115

Anonymous said...

I get quiet time on Tues & Thurs from 9am-2pm. The 1st week was great--well, the 1st day I was a nervous Now, It's just too quiet. If my son was the type that could just get by with homeschooling, he would be here with me every second. He craves socializing. He LOVES his school and his 'fweends'. They just grow up to stinkin' fast for pity's sake!

April said...

The pictures and the picture are all adorable.


Hillary said...

What a sweet drawing.Hoping with you that your quiet time ends soon!

Suzy said...

How darling of her. It always simultaneously breaks and warms my heart when my eldest talks about my lost boy.

Heather said...

Such a precious picture. Best wishes on your IVF cycle. Hopefully that silence will be a thing of the past!


Autism Mom Rising said...

Oh my goodness, that post is so moving. This has been an amazing experience for me, being part of ICLW for the first time, and being one of the few that is not part of the infertility/child loss community. I have learned so much with the sharing of your stories. And somehow, metaphorically, my heart identifies. I did not lost my child. He is still with me. But I lost my child as I knew him and there is a grief to that never entirely fades.

ICLW #82

RELH said...

Cute pictures!

ICLW #49