Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  It is the year of the rabbit.  Although I certainly don't put any stock in the Chinese zodiac, it is interesting to note that both Q and I were born in the year of the rabbit and our hoped-for rainbow baby is a rabbit also.  Some traits of rabbits:

Wise and cautious - Rabbits consider all options and take their sweet time before making a move. Yet, they are also the ones most likely to win any intricate game of strategy!

Lucky - No one is more surprised than Rabbits when they win a poker hand or hit the jackpot at the races, although at times good luck just seems to come their way unbidden.

Cautious, yes.  We've had to make so many difficult choices over these last few years and we've agonized over each one.  But did we choose wisely?  And will we be lucky this time? Well, I know this rabbit will certainly be surprised if good luck holds and we hit the jackpot with a live baby later this year.

Today's appointment was a quickie.  Just a peek at baby, who was jumping around with a heart rate in the 160's.  I'll have short appointments like this for the next two weeks, and then on the 24th is a detailed ultrasound where we will see if the cord looks normal (pleeeease!) or malformed again, which would mean almost certain doom.

The anxiety level is rising fast going into the second trimester.  There will be much more about this later, I assure you.  It's hard not to give in to thoughts that we may be just weeks away from reliving our worst nightmare.  

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Jana said...

cute videos. loved the 2nd one.
will be thinking of you as you continue in our pregnancy.

Alex said...

Happy New Year! And keep that little rabbit snuggled!!!

Anonymous said...

Both videos are cute - especially the 2nd one! I'm a dog, but hopefully will be having a little rabbit.

My life said...

Ahhhhh, they are adorable! I'm glad to hear that things are going well, and continuing to pray for good news at the "big" ultrasound.

Meim said...

Oh! I love Rabbits... Yay for bunnies!

Love the videos. The second one is pretty fantastic. Your little ones sure are cute!

Cherbear said...

you are a smart, smart woman. Think they'd actually post about my 'business' on the LFCA?? LOL

Nick and Kristi said...

Neat that all of you are rabbits...I never looked into this but Im a dog and hubs is a goat..So we will be the trio:)

Im glad monitoring will go up and it stinks that for you second trimester will be stressful worrying about the cord:( I know for me that is when I actually got a little relief....Def we will be here for support:)

Cherbear said...

I am finally reading this from HOME so I can watch the videos. That was super duper cute....too funny what the boy did to the girl in the 2nd one. :)

And thank you again for recommending I post to LFCA. I know you saw the post. And as for your comment, it's no coincidence that I started this up before Valentine's Day. ;-)

AFM said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog, my fingers are crossed that things work out for you.
Take care

heartincharge said...

Oh so tough for you! Just when others are starting to relax, you have more stress. I can't wait until you get the news you need to hear and you are past this point.