Friday, October 29, 2010

What Not to Watch

One evening when I was bored, I considered watching this on Netflix:
Has anyone seen this? I ended up watching something else and I'm glad I did. A friend has since told me it's quite scary and offers little in the way of hope for the chronically stressed. The title alone is enough to stress me out - Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

We all know that many health problems are caused or exacerbated by stress. According to this documentary, prolonged stress can "shrink our brains, add fat to our bellies, and even unravel our chromosomes". After nearly four years of extreme unrelenting stress, I don't even want to think about how badly my body has been damaged. Or how much my life has been shortened.

My vacation was quite relaxing and actually almost pain-free, which was fabulous. The insurance issue, though, has continued to be a major source of stress. I was unable to get any clear answers regarding what my new insurance covers. The benefits manager at my husband's work was likewise unable to get any straight answers. Finally today the clinic's financial coordinator called to say that she finally got a response from the insurance company. They will cover exactly nothing. Not ultrasounds. Not blood tests. Many insurances that don't cover infertility will at least cover that. But not mine. Figures.

I think keeping COBRA coverage under these conditions is legitimate, although I'm sure some would disagree. It's a grey area I plan to take advantage of because it's high time something works out in my favor. We have $1200 in infertility coverage left on that policy and I intend to milk it. I'm glad to finally have some answers, painful as they are, just in time to get the COBRA premium paid. Why do we always have to cut these things so damn close? [Speaking of cutting it close, don't forget to enter my contest (see last post). There are just three days left!]

This employer-based insurance system really doesn't make sense. Why should an employer dictate my insurer and coverage? Having the government do it would be worse still. I want to be able to compare insurers and plans. I'm smart enough to decide what makes sense for me and my family. So are you! Power to the people!!


Lori said...

Been thinking about you and the insurance issue for, yes, it should be obvious that the Stress movie is on my Netflix stream as well. I just haven't brought myself to watch it knowing I probably will be sick at what it tells me. Of course, the chiropractor tells me a lot of that very same stuff, so I can't avoid it.

Which stresses me. Oy.

Anyway...I hate that your insurance is that way (especially since it's been SO vague) but I am GLAD GLAD GLAD you can still utilize something with the COBRA and I wouldn't feel ONE BIT BAD about it. I only wish it would do more for you!!!!! MILK it!!!

Nick and Kristi said...

Very Scary!!! I know they say stress can cause all sorts of issue Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally:(

Insurance is such a crock of crap...I hate it all....we pay and pay and pay or premiums but when we need them or need something covered always seems like there is some loop hole:( I know in IL there is a law that insurance has to provide some type of fertility coverage even if it is a measly 2000 maxium but they have to do something...Insurance Blows!!! Sorry

heartincharge said...

Insurance is such a joke when you really need it. I am self-employed and the options are horrible because we cannot automatically get it and they know it. They can outright decline to cover you or insure you but specifically exclude the things you need insurance for. For example, because of my lap last year, my insurance policy will not cover anything related to reproductive organs. For $600 a month, no endo covered. Most non-employer insurance policies do not even offer maternity coverage, no matter what you are willing to pay. So those two that do charge an arm and a leg because they know that women in childbearing years will pay it. Ok, sorry I got on an insurance soapbox in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Is it sick that I actually want to watch that movie? It's like knowing I'm going to be nauseous on the roller coaster, but the ride still excites me! LOL!

P.S. Insurance sucks. 'Nuff said.

Jana said...

i agree. don't get me started on insurance. healthcare is the only place where you get stuff done without knowing how much you will end up paying for it months after the fact.

keep the cobra!