Friday, October 8, 2010

The Endometriosis Diet

Soon after I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I found information about a diet that's supposed to help with the condition. I printed out a cookbook full of endo-diet compliant recipes. Here are the diet No-No's:

Wheat and Rye
Meat (except chicken and some fish)
Sugar and pretty much every other sweetener
Coffee, Tea, Alcohol
Vegetable Oil
Most canned and frozen foods

That covers most of the food pyramid! So what is allowed, you ask? This is a short list:

Seeds and nuts
Fruits and vegetables (organic!)
Chicken (organic!) and some fish
Grains other than wheat and rye

Imagine dining day after day on such gastronomical delights as mung bean salad, yam pie, and lentil pate . . . this is the stuff of nightmares! In addition to being a life-threateningly boring diet, it is uneconomical and labor intensive. Also, I can find no solid evidence that it would help at all.

After looking through the cookbook, I realized that this diet is the most effective means of endometriosis management I've seen so far. I knew this diet would end my endo pain for good. How? By being so restrictive that I'd soon starve to death and never again be troubled by endo - or anything else!

Finally Feeling Fabulous!

I'm still alive, so obviously I didn't try the diet. I try to eat well (organic produce within reason, little red meat, limited sugar, no caffeine or alcohol, rBGH-free dairy products, etc.) but a girl's gotta have some chocolate on a rough day! Also I just don't believe dairy, eggs, and wheat are bad. Other than that, my responsible and diverse diet actually goes along with a lot of what the endo-diet recommends. I just don't take it to ridiculous extremes because it seems that strictly adhering to this diet would inflict more misery than it could possibly relieve. If you have endo and have discovered that such a diet really works, do let me know. In the meantime, I shall be enjoying some mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying the endo diet and it is helping with pain management. I've been on it for two months now. I do have to have my chocolate though!

Nick and Kristi said...

Gosh I cant imagine this diet I about died when I had to strictly follow a PCOS diet pre IVF....Let alone always...Yuck!!!!

The New Simons said...

Everything in moderation... I believe. Hopefully that chocolate can help some with your fertility woes. I say indulge. Xo

Jana said...

LOL. Yes, that does sound like a starvation diet. I guess the endometriosis would be cured, only to find out you never lived to tell the tale.

Bionic Baby Mama said...

I refuse to consider that diet without some much better evidence. And frankly, I'm unconvinced that even if if did work, it would shrink an extant endometrioma.

I saw your comment at Mel's, and I just wanted to say that I had the same worry. I have big ol' endometriomas on both ovaries, and I didn't see how that could work out. ...but I got more eggs than anyone ever needed (more than was probably healthy for me, to be honest), nevertheless. So it is possible.

(We decided that having mine out prior to IVF was a bad idea, since removing them inevitably involves losing some egg-producing tissue, no matter what the promises are to the contrary. My RE is a good, confident surgeon, and he agreed that I'd lose some follicles that way.)