Friday, August 27, 2010

What I Did For Summer Vacation

This next week will be spent playing hard with my kids and getting them ready for school the following week. Tania, who despite my best efforts remains the baby of the family, will be off to kindergarten. Since it's nearly back-to-school time, here is my essay on What I Did For Summer Vacation:

I spent my summer vacation doing drugs and getting medically assaulted. Lots of people saw my increasingly public privates. It was no fun and I didn't even get knocked up. The end.

Well, that's the end for the summer but my battle drags on. I finally got to talk to my doctor and the plan is to do the long Lupron protocol again for the next IVF cycle. This time, though, I'll be on higher doses of stimulation meds from the beginning. Since I'm already on The Pill, things could move along very quickly assuming I don't have another cyst to mess it all up. Also, we found out hubby doesn't get insurance at his new job until November, so we'll still be on our COBRA insurance.

The perinatology clinic finally called me back to schedule a consult. Yay! That appointment is scheduled for the 8th. Now I have to go through stacks and stacks of medical records and research so I can throw around some medical terminology, sound really knowledgeable, and maybe even get taken seriously!


Saige said...

Your story is so sad. I am sure after going through so much that you have some depression. Anyone would. I really hope that your next round of IVF meets with success and that this time you are able to hold your precious, healthy, happy baby in your arms.

Wishing you all the best.


Justine L said...

I hope that they *do* take you seriously ... and that you're able to feel less like parts and more like a person this time around. This whole thing just sucks.

Try to enjoy those few last days of summer ... and to treat yourself with kindness, too. You deserve some TLC.

Lori said...

Oh boy...have I spent many summer vacations in ways that allowed me to write similar stories. I just hate, hate, hate this for you. I really was aggravated that your doctor took so long to get back with you and the same for the perinatology clinic. I'm glad they have, and bet that you won't have any cyst issues since you've been on the pill, so praying that things do move quickly and end up with a BIG. FAT. PREGNANT.

Worth writing the words out, that's how much I want it for you!

CeCe said...

Hoping for all the best for you!!

p.s. thank you for your recent comment on my blog.

Jana said...

You have had quite the summer. wish things had turned out differently for you. :(

it looks like that green slide in your picture would've been quite the ride. too bad we can't just ride that and call it a day.