Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Embryos

The last two days have been the best of times and the worst of times. The best part, of course, is that I had two embryos transferred - a 5 cell and an 8 cell:

The other two embryos fragmented/arrested so there's nothing to freeze, but at least I got my two to transfer. Here they are after transfer:

The last few days have also been quite rough because I've not been feeling well at all. I started feeling awful the evening before the transfer (bloating, all-over aching) and have been feeling horrible ever since. Being optimistic is difficult when everything hurts. It's finally starting to let up now, though.  I suppose it could be very mild OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), though I've actually been losing weight - three pounds in as many days. I don't feel like being up and about even if it were allowed, but being in bed for two days creates a lot of pain of its own. I'm unaccustomed to the couch potato lifestyle and the inactivity has made me terribly sore.

Hubby has been taking care of the kids and the house. He also gives me a massage when he can, although his motives may be less than altruistic. Since he is being denied sex for a period of weeks, giving me a backrub is all the action he can get right now. Works for me.

It's now Day Two of bed rest and I'm bored out of my mind. Any suggestions of amusing movies, websites, youtube clips, etc. would be most appreciated!


Jana said...

How long do you have to be on bedrest?
Sorry to hear about your OHSS. Glad you were able to transfer two embryos.

Some fun movies are: Nacho Libre, The 3 Amigos, Miss Congeniality. I bet you can find lots of funny stuff on youtube. I will be on the look out for some for you

belle said...

yay! for a successful transfer! congratulations on being pupo! :)

have you tried the free netflix subscription??? there's always great stuff there to watch! even leave it to beaver re-runs!

Bethanie said...

praying for success!

Nick and Kristi said...

I would first stop drinking water and drink lots of gatorade or any other drink that has electrolytes in it....also high sodium foods like chicken noodle soup is really good...It will help with OHSS....I had full on OHSS my first IVF and didnt want to get it the second time so I did this as a prevenative and it worked....If you are Prego the OHSS will only get worse....As far as the bedrest goes....I invested in a girlfriend gave me sex and the city series all of kept me entertained:)

Rachel said...

netflix instant watch is the way to go. lots of tv shows, movies, etc. Thinking of you.

Lori said...

I had OHSS with this last round and definitely did the gatorade/propel/salty popcorn and high sodium food route and that made it better...I was especially worried knowing it would only get worse if pregnant, and actually, I also lost a few pounds and it never progressed past a few extra days of uncomfortable, nausea and taking it easy so ovaries didn't torque!

Will be on pins and needles waiting for your beta. I reread the Twilight series. That took about 5 days.

Baby On Mind said...

Hi Annie! So happy that you made it to transfer with 2! You'r PUPO!! I'm praying for a positive beta for you! When is it?
My bedrest was pretty boring... I spent most of it on my lazyboy watching TV - spent a lot of time watching Top Chef... not a good thing because it made me crave food all the time! Hoping that your next week or so wait will go much more smoothly for you.