Friday, June 11, 2010

Analyze This!

Thanks for all the kind comments and emails on last week's post. Today I had intended to finish and email a letter in advance of The Committee's Big Meeting about My Life. Imagine my shock when the counselor called me today to say the verdict is already in and The Committee ruled against me. This surprised me even though I've come to expect that nothing ever goes my way!

Needless to say I am livid, especially since the decision was based entirely on a "personality inventory" graph and not on my actual medical history (which they don't have) or on any of the facts as listed on my last post (which of course they didn't have because of the early meeting).

Ironically, then, I got screwed because of people NOT making me wait. Even though the decision is made, I still engaged in civil debate with the counselor and my only consolation is that she didn't sound so damned sure of herself at the end of the conversation. Hmphf.  I'm not crazy. I've just been in a very bad mood for four years.

But there is good news to be had as well. Hubby and I have learned a valuable lesson from being dealt such a crappy hand in life these last few years . . . Always play your cards close to the vest and have a little something up your sleeve.

As you may recall if you've been following this blog, we switched clinics back in April in an attempt to save money on IVF. So immediately following last week's shocking development, hubby (brilliant strategic planner that he is) suggested simply switching back to our old clinic, referred to here as Clinic One. As of last Friday, we have dates for an IVF cycle! Two can play at this waiting game. Screw you Clinic Two!!

The tentative dates with Clinic One are Lupron starting July 11, Follistim starting July 23, and retrieval around August 2! This happens to work out beautifully with the kids' summer schedule and we could use our current fabulous insurance for the first round of drugs.

There's still the cyst issue to consider, though. I have an ultrasound next week on Thursday, so we'll know more then. A couple of weeks ago the pain got much worse and I was popping pain killers and snuggling up with my massager at bedtime, but it's much better now.

On another happy note, hubby had lot of interviews last week and this week. Next week he has multiple in-person interviews. He may have a job very soon!


Oak said...

They don't require fertile people to go through a psych eval when getting pregnant, why do they require you to? I don't blame you for being annoyed but I commend you for your wily tactics to move forward anyways! Hoping for more good news soon!

My life said...

I am so sorry you are having to deal with such ignorance! I would tell that counselor where she could put her two cents! On another note glad your husband had some interviews I will certainly be praying for that! I really hope it works out with clinic one and you can press forward this summer, sans cysts!

Me said...

That completely sucks! I am glad you came out fighting, though! I hope everything works out soon!

CeCe said...

Indeed- screw clinic #2! Glad you guys came up with your next steps quickly and will be moving forward again. Good luck to your DH with the job search.

Jana said...

That's disappointing and frustrating that way Clinic 2 treated you, I'm glad you were able to switch back and I'm glad you have some dates for your med starts. I'm glad you didn't back down and didn't let them get the best of you.