Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving Forward

It appears that part of my New Year's wish is about to come true.

"My hope for 2010 is that this year will involve a lot of needles. First, Follistim to get pregnant and then Lovenox for the duration."

Pity I didn't get pregnant and then get to enjoy all the needles, but maybe this way could work, too.

Last week was the nurses consult. Ultrasound showed that I STILL have the 3 cm cyst that's been plaguing me since April! I got to speak with the actual doctor (!) about this and she assured me that we can plow ahead. She is ready and willing to aspirate it anytime I wish. She even said that if I am tough (and I am!) we can save time and money by doing it in the office without anesthesia. While I do not aspire to be aspirated, just knowing this option is available is strangely comforting, if indeed it can be said that the thought of having one's vagina and ovary skewered with a giant needle is comforting.

Since we are still over three weeks away from starting stims, the hope is that The Pill and Lupron will beat my defiant ovary into submission. If not, we'll be forced to use harsher methods to deal with this insubordination.

Sounds like IVF is really going to happen, though it still seems unreal to me. After all the roadblocks I've encountered I can't help but think some other horrible surprise is just around the bend. Perhaps the Big Box o' Fun being delivered by FedEx today will make it seem a little more real. Yes, my drug shipment is on the way! All this just two weeks after the debacle at The Other Clinic. Let it never be said that I give up easily!

Even though my cyst is currently making its evil presence known, on the whole I'm feeling much happier and more optimistic. I can even see an upside to all the difficult obstacles I've had to overcome just to have this chance. After dealing with such tremendous stress and opposition, IVF will seem like a day at the beach in comparison.

Okay, maybe not - but for now I am enjoying the drastically reduced level of stress.

In conclusion, here are a couple of items I neglected to post previously:

  1. I was able to meet up with Angie of I'm Trying to Live with the Loss of Two Babies Within 10 Months. We had a picnic at the park and visited while our kids played together. Stop by her blog and say hi if you haven't before!
  2. For the record, I did finally accomplish Goal #2: Clean the whole house (closets, cupboards, windows, walls, everything). I also finished Goal #3: Create a home summer school plan for my kids. Of course they are thrilled about spending precious summer hours learning about what is and ain't grammatical.

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CeCe said...

Glad that you are feeling better and are forging ahead! Hope you beat that cyst into submission.