Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Clinic. Maybe.

Yesterday was the consult at the new clinic we'd go to if we get to try IVF, which can only happen if we know we'll have insurance going forward. Interview #1 did not result in a job offer for hubby and he hasn't heard back on Interview #2 yet. We're hopeful, but there is nothing else on the horizon if this one's also a "no". Meanwhile, hubby continues to go into a hostile environment at work every day since his boss is STILL not being clear about when he's out of the current job. It's a genuinely bizarre situation. Friends and family keep telling us they've never heard of anything like it. I tell them we specialize in things you've never heard of before.

So anyways, this clinic (which I will refer to as Clinic 2) was a radically different environment than the clinic we went to previously (Clinic 1). Clinic 1 recently relocated to fancy new digs and Clinic 2 appears very old and run-down. Clinic 1 plays comforting Muzak in the waiting room; at Clinic 2 our nervousness was allayed by the soothing strains of "Play that Funky Music White Boy".
However, Clinic 2 does feature some big financial advantages: the cost sharing program is $1000 cheaper than Clinic 1 AND they'll bill our insurance (we still have $4K in coverage), which is expressly forbidden by Clinic 1's program. Result: Total savings of up to $5K. Also Clinic 2 covers ICSI and cryopreservation in the package cost, while Clinic 1 does not. Success rates are similar at both clinics.

Great. Wonderful. And depressingly pointless unless the job drama is resolved expeditiously. For now, we're just trying not to buckle under the stress of it all. At least we know hubby has a job for today (we're well aware that many don't) and we still have our daily bread:

A dear friend recently sent me these matryoshka doll measuring cups. Aren't they cute? They're a fun reminder of the adventures we had together as teachers in Russia. Thanks, Lins!

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