Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who's That Girl?

Mei-mei is now 24 weeks along.  Supposedly viable, but hopefully she'll keep baking until at least July.  Today's appointment was short and sweet.  The doctor used my favorite word: normal.  Everything is looking normal!!

Also this week I finally quit procrastinating and went to the dentist for a checkup.  Alas, one small cavity but it can wait a few more months.  I've been naughty, waiting almost a full year between checkups.  It's just that it's been so nice for a change not having any medical-type person messing with any of my orifices.

And finally, Q and I have gotten more serious about thinking of a proper name for Mei-mei  - her nickname for now means "little sister" in Chinese.  We are having trouble and could use suggestions!  I named our first daughter after my sister, so now it is Q's turn to pick a name and I am scared.  He doesn't have any he's really passionate about, but tends to like names that were popular in the 70's among our age group and I hate them all. My own name is a 70's Top Ten and I have never liked it.  My parents, who'd been sure I was a boy,  picked it last-minute after I was born.  There is no cool story or special meaning behind it and I think that is so lame.

Mei-mei has quite a story behind her existence and she needs a great name.  Here are our criteria:

* Uncommon but not weird
* At least two syllables because our last name is one syllable
* Preference for names reflecting our ancestry (Britain, Germany, Denmark) or places we've lived (Greece, Russia, China)
* In case she hates the name we choose, I want it to be something versatile that gives her several other options to choose from - short forms, nicknames, or a good middle name
* I really want Mei-mei to have a name that has special meaning reflecting the situation.  It's been a long hard fight to get here.  I can't find any names that mean "against all odds" or "from the petri dish", so maybe something meaning "joy out of sorrow", "miracle", or something similar.  Q doesn't care as much about the meaning of the name.

So far we don't have much to work with.  Here are a few names we came up with years ago, pre-losses and infertility:

Larissa - cheerful (Greek)
Lydia - from Lydia (Greek)  but this name has gotten too common for my tastes

Q's list so far:
Lorraine - from Lorraine (French)
Jana - Slavic variant of Jane, God is gracious

A's list so far:
Anastasia - resurrection (Greek)  I like this name especially for the meaning.  After much tragedy and sudden death in the family (our two baby boys and my brother) having this new life feels like a resurrection.  It can be shortened to Anya or Stacia.  It has several other diminutive forms I like less (such as Annie!) but the point is that there are lots of options for a girl with this name.

Any thoughts on our short list so far?  Other suggestions welcome!


Oak said...

I like Anastasia a lot, there are Danish versions as well that you can go with, Annelise or just Anna. I spent a lot of time in DK and met quite a few girls with the Anne, Ana, prefixes.

Erica said...

I love Anastasia...:) And YAY for normal!

Ms2Mrs..back to Ms said...

I love unique names, especially ones that mean something. I really like Jana. And I've always had a thing for Anastasia ever since the days of the baby sitters club ICWL

Meim said...

Oh, man! Names are so hard! We just barely settled on one ourselves. I think Anastasia goes really well with your older daughter's name, which is always a big deal to me. They have to sound "right" together. LOL And just a btw... I like your name. :)

So glad everything is going normally with Mei-mei. It's so nice to get a bit of a reprieve at least for the rest of the day after Dr.'s appointments.

Kelly said...

Stopping by from ICLW...

Love the name list! It's so difficult to pick!

If you feel like Lydia has become too common, how about Lydie?

So glad that things are "normal" :)

Marianne said...

Here from CLW. Thanks for the comment - being Greek, I feel like this was the perfect post for me to comment on. I LOVE Anastasia. But, I would recommend that you get people to say it the way it sounds in Greek - It's pronounced
Ona-sta-see-a. Say it a few times, it rolls off the tongue like butter. As it is Easter season, a common greeting from one Greek to another is Kala Anastasi (ona-sta-see). It means good rising! So, Kala Anastasi to you!

Another name that I think would be appropriate is Zoe, which means life in Greek. But so much more, almost like living, breathing life.

So happy that things are normal. I can't wait for my normal! xxoxoxo

Ordinary Girl said...

Hi there! I love all your names! The criteria that you have is really similar to what hubby and I had when we were naming our little girl. It was especially important to us to have the name mean something (my parents picked a random name for me too). I think any name that you pick with this much thought and love behind it will be beautiful. Good luck!

ICLW #117

Jen said...

Anastasia is BEAUTIFUL! I think it is my favorite so far, it's meaning is so heartwarming and wonderful!

BBH said...

Here from ICLW...I love all the names! :)

Shea said...

How about Celeste? I have always loved that name. How could she be anything but sweet and angelic with a name like that. It is very heavenly! Love your other names, too. Too bad Lydia is too common now. Love that one also. So glad you are finally getting to pick a name! Shea

Sam said...

just stopped by from ICLW, and read your story, truly inspiring! I'm glad things seem to be going well for you, good luck! :)

DandelionBreeze said...

All such beautiful names... and love the word 'normal' when it comes to check-ups. May the rest of your pregnancy be delightfully normal xoxo

Shandrea said...

Love Anastasia!

Jenna said...

Of the list I like Anastasia the best. :) Good luck picking a name!

Jana said...

i think you have some good options. I am a little partial to the name Jana :)

I didn't know Lydia was very common.

glad things are going well for you and little miss mei mei

Liz said...

Visiting from ICLW. I also lived in Greece and love Anastasia. Sorry to hear about your history but "normal" sounds great. Congratualtions!!

Stephanie said...

Stopping by for ICLW. Your list of criteria sounds very similar to ours (I'm 23 weeks pregnant). I think Lydia is a very cute girl name. Good luck throughout the rest of your pregnancy!

ICLW #150

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Happy ICLW! I am so sorry for your losses! But congrats on your new pregnancy! Praying all goes well!

April said...

I like Anastacia. Best of luck with MeiMei.


Tracey said...

I love larissa and jana. if you don't like annie i wouldn't pick a name that could possibly become that wehn her friends shorten it. is there a name in those cultures that is like phoenix...rising from the ashes? Good luck.
Tracey #156 ICLW

Anonymous said...

What about Nada or Nadia? They both mean hope.

Suzy said...

^^ Except Nada means "nothing" in Spanish!!

I love Jana. I have a friend called Jana. I also have a friend called Anastasia - she goes by Ana. If my name were Annie though...I would stay away from names that can be shortened to Annie!!