Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Vocabulary

Recent years have permanently altered my perspective on just about everything in life. Here are but a few things that have taken on entirely different meanings courtesy of loss and infertility. Anyone have any others to add to the list?

Beta then:

Beta now:
Note: "Beta" refers to the blood test to check for prenancy. You go to the clinic to get blood drawn and they call you later in the day with the results.

Baby Dust then:

Note: People who are trying to conceive (TTC) often wish each other "baby dust" on message boards, etc. as a way of saying "good luck".

Baby Dust now:

Belly Shots then:

Belly Shots now:

What to Expect When "Expecting" then:

What to Expect When "Expecting" now:

Update: All is not doom and gloom for us on the TTC front, despite recent posts. There may be hope yet, on which more later.


CeCe said...

Baby loss and infertility certainly changes our perspective. Glad to hear that hope is shining through. We've gotta hang on to it.

Kristin said...

I am always surprised (and then, not surprised) as to how much infertility and loss change the meanings of things. I am very glad to hear hope is trying to make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Ouf. I'm surprised. It's a whole new perspective for me.

Thanks for what a Beta is, I didn't know and was wondering.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time finding your blog. I'm so sorry for your losses, that is so so sad. IF really does change one's perspective on life.

Meim said...

It's a little naughty, but hasn't referring to "O" changed, too? When I first stumbled into this community I just thought everyone was REALLY open about their personal lives. Imagine my embarrassment when I figured out they were referring to ovulating. LOL