Thursday, April 23, 2009


Before I go any further, here's a two-part disclaimer.

First, I am not a doctor and in fact studied only as much science as was required to get my business degree. I try to get medical information only from credible sources, but don't make the mistake of considering me personally a credible source. I'm convinced, however, that I know just as much or more than most doctors about the subject at hand - umbilical cord pathology. Don't be too impressed by that statement, though, because I've found most doctors have little or no useful knowledge and just say these problems are "bad luck".

Secondly, although I will do my best to make this blog organized and clear, I am working with a brain that is neither of those things. Depression and anxiety have made me very forgetful, disorganized, distracted, and really stressed out. Infertility treatment only makes it all worse.

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